Jacob - LabelI couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my adorable nephew, Jacob (seen “reading” labels on the right)… but figured I would also take this opportunity to reiterate my position on the importance of being a “Conscious Consumer”.  Yes, we are often manipulated by the media.  Yes, we are easily drawn to fast, convenient, highly processed “food”.  However, there is a growing consumer awareness promoting fresh, organic, and real food spreading across the nation.  This makes me very happy, even if we still have a big battle in front of us.

Education is definitely a critical component to this movement, and the Internet is abuzz with videos, websites, blogs, memes, posts, tweets, and more talking about health and nutrition.  It is important to reach a wide audience.. early adopters as well as those just jumping on the train to better living.  We must communicate factual and functional information to both parents as well as children.

We all know the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  While this doesn’t always hold true, I’m a strong advocate of teaching children about food, how to cook, and to know how to recognize ingredients and read labels.  Of course, the best foods, like fresh fruits and veggies don’t really come with labels.  🙂