While many of you are starting to have dirty thoughts based on the title of this post, I am simply referring to good posture.

Even as I sit here and type in the post, I notice my back is curved, my head is tilted forward, and my shoulders are leaning in.  Not good. bad-postures We are becoming so absorbed with technology that eventually we will need screens mounted to the top of our shoes.  But seriously, good posture is key to good health and longevity.   Whether you are walking, sitting at a table or desk, or standing around waiting for something… being aware of your posture is very important.  Here are a 5 quick tips to promote good posture and good health:

1) Be aware.  Keep in mind the importance of good posture, and work to reposition your body as often as possible.  Find your center. Align your body accordingly. Use a mirror if needed. Straight back, chin up, chest out, squared shoulders, and stomach in.  Your ears should be above your shoulders, above your hips and ankles.

2) Stretch.  Yes, stretching is essential for good posture.  Yoga will not only help keep you limber, but also help build strength.

3) Strengthen your core.  Yoga or pilates can play a big role here, but even simple exercises when done correctly will make a big difference.  If you aren’t sure about proper exercise form, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4) Consider Chiropractic care.  Keeping the spine in line makes it easier for your muscles to respond properly, and your nervous system to operate optimally.  One field of Chiropractic I really like is called CBP.  Chiropractic BioPhysics takes a close look at the angles and measurements of the spine and body from a scientific perspective, and works to rehabilitate and restructure the spine to function properly.  You can read more here: http://www.idealspine.com/what-is-cbp/


5) Keep at it.   Poor posture didn’t occur overnight.  We do many routine activities which contribute to poor posture, so the key is to stay focused and continue to work on improving your posture on a daily basis.  Perhaps identify a key word, a color or a food.. and when you think of that word, it reminds you to check your posture.  Whatever you do, tie a string on a finger or write “P” on the back of your hand.. working to improve your posture is a small step, which can lead to big improvement in yourhealth.