10 things …

10 things you may, or may not, know about me:

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains.. Monticello, NY

 I’m allergic to shellfish

 My right leg is longer than my left, due to a ski accident when I was a kid, so I often wear just one flip flip on my left foot.  Anything to stay balanced, right?

 I’ve written two books so far, “A Healthier Ever After” and “The Cannabis Conundrum“.

 My family is very supportive and I love them very much.

 One of my nicknames is the “Nomadic Naturopath” as I’m always traveling.

 I enjoy all types of music.  Some of my favorites include: Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Mos Def, John Coltrane, Al Green, Gangstar/Guru, Mathien, Luminaries, Michael Buble’ and Gavin Degraw.

 Though I enjoy many, my favorite philosopher is Epictetus.

I have a cat named Chicken.

I have a very special day coming up, January 1, 2019!  😉